There's nothing like getting your notes face to face. It's personal, energetic and fun! For this service, after reading or watching your project, we get get on Skype (or FaceTime) for one hour and go over the various aspects to make it better. If you want more time, you can add that, too. Turnaround - 5 business days from job commencement and schedule permitting (yours, too!)

Job Commencement begins when payment and literary material are received.


Feature Notes (1 hour): £200 (Approx. $261 USD)



TV Notes (1 hour): £150 (Approx. $197 USD)

Feature/TV additional hour: £50 (Approx. $65 USD)




Like things written down? Well, then Written Notes options are for you. Get either a 1-2 basic notes of your project or a more detailed 3-5 pages of full professional notes to review at your leisure. If you want to add an hour of face to face time to maximize the amount of information and creativity for your project, then you may add that to either service for £50 /hour extra. Turnaround time - 7 days from job commencement and schedule permitting (again, your's too!)

Job Commencement begins when payment and literary material are received.

Feature Basic: £120 (Approx. $157 USD)

Feature Full Notes: £325 (Approx. $425 USD)

TV Basic (70 page max.): £100 (Approx. $130 USD) 


TV Full Notes (70 page max.): £175 (Approx. $229 USD)


Skype Hour: £50 (Approx. $65 USD) 




"Andrew gave some great points that I hadn't even considered that took my script to a new level. His experience in the industry in Hollywood was invaluable and changed the direction of my screenplay - which was a good thing! Because of his input, I've had far more interest."  (Steve Clarkson)

“While writing my first screenplay, “Swing State”, I wanted to find a consultant who knew the craft technically and also just understood story. Andrew’s notes I found to be engaging, challenging, and helpful.

(Jonathan Sheldon writer/director “Swing State” available now on Netflix)

Andrew is one of the story analysts that taught me what I know and practice today. We have worked together in Hollywood quite a lot and there's a reason I recommend screenwriters to Andrew Zinnes.

(Julie Gray, story consultant)

"Thanks Andrew for fixing my script! The notes were in depth and spot on! The Skype session was really great for follow up questions on my main character and dialogue." (Kate Martinelli)

"Andrew's knowledge and experience is second to none" (Jonathan Turner)