Andrew Zinnes




My name is Andrew Zinnes. You wrote a script. Prepare to rewrite.


Hi. Here's a little about me... I received my Masters in Film at American University in Washington, DC. During my time in Washington I worked for a company whose job was to film the Presidential Addresses of President Clinton at The White House. One of my many jobs was having to stand in for the President so lighting could be configured. So yes, not only did I have the pleasure of meeting President Clinton, but I have the pleasure of saying that I have sat in the President's chair in the Oval office, a chair where many of the great Presidents sat! 

After graduating, I moved to Los Angeles and started working for top Hollywood producer, Norman Lear and ACT III productions. Here I received real insight into the inner workings of Hollywood as Norman Lear produced such films as THE PRINCESS BRIDE and STAND BY ME. Following this, I moved on to work for producer Donald De Line at Paramount Pictures and was involved in the development of DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE and THE ITALIAN JOB. After several years, I went to work at USA Networks in their Original Movies Division and worked on highly rated shows such as HELEN OF TROY, THE DEAD ZONE and MONK. By this time, I had read over 10,000 screenplays and been involved in numerous development decisions.

Wanting more freedom, I became a freelance script analyst where I worked for Lionsgate, Morgan Creek Productions, Scriptshark, So You Wanna Sell A Script and was a former judge for the prestigious screenplay competition Scriptapalooza. I struck up a great relationship with Julie Gray, the founder of The Script Department and was quickly brought on as a partner. There I helped numerous writers get their projects into shape for review by producers or screenplay competitions. I wanted to expand my purview to the world of non-fiction, and became a story consultant and sometimes the producer of various documentaries, internet videos and non-fiction media. Clients included The Getty Museum, Dell computers and Lightmill Productions, UK.

With this abundant knowledge of behind the scenes of the Hollywood system, I became the US Editor of THE GUERILLA FILMMAKERS HANDBOOK US Edition (aka THE GUERILLA FILMMAKERS HOLLYWOOD HANDBOOK). With my Documentary filmmaking experience, I became the co-author for THE GUERILLA FILMMAKERS DOCUMENTARY HANDBOOK and the subsequent GUERILLA FILMMAKERS POCKETBOOK.

It was also at this time that I decided to put my money where my mouth was and begin writing myself. I was able to sell my horror-comedy spec, ABSOLUTE ANGELS to Warner Brothers and write the horror MERMAID for Mosaic Media Group. In addition, I wrote various other specs and commissions for various Hollywood and UK productions.

In 2016, I moved to the UK and have become fortunate to come on board as a Lecturer in Screenwriting at The Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth - one of the UK's leading film schools.   I am still producing films, writing and story consulting.  


My experience is wide and varied, having the knowledge of both a development executive and a screenwriter and producer. I believe this gives me a unique perspective that I can pass on to my students and screenwriters as a story consultant.